Sunless Spray Tanning is the perfect option if you want to get a golden dark colour without exposing your skin to UV-rays.

Here are 10 sunless spray tanning tips to get the most out of your visit to any of the tanning salons in our directory. 

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Choose Your Colour!

Spray tanning tip 1: Find out which kind of spray-tanning the salon you plan to visit is offering (spray-booth/manual-spray tan/airbrush) and what kind of spray tan solutions they are using.

Spray tanning tip 2: Exfoliate the whole body in the morning the same day you plan to have your spray tan session. Use a neutral body-lotion with good moisturizing effect. Preferably based on aloe-vera or coconut juice (aloe-vera or coconut juice comes first or second in the list of ingredients)

Spray tanning tip 3: Dress up in dark, loose fitting, clothes that are easy to wash. It doesn’t matter how good equipment, how good solution or how good the operator is, there will be stains (they will however go away when washed).

Spray tanning tip 4: Before your spray tan session, consult with the operator about your goals. How dark you want to be and how long you want the tan to last.

Spray tanning tip 5: Use disposable underwear.

Spray tanning tip 6: Protect mouth, nose and other body cavities while being sprayed. The ingredients in the spray tan solutions are guaranteed safe only for topical (external) application.

Spray tanning tip 7: Be careful not to inhale the spray.

Spray tanning tip 8: Air dry before getting dressed.

Spray tanning tip 9: Wait at least 4 hours before you take a shower. The longer you let the wait, the stronger the tan. That goes for both the cosmetic part and the delayed tan from DHA.

Spray tanning tip 10: Remember that the more melanin you have in your skin, the easier it will be to get nice and long lasting result. You can trick your skin into making more melanin by having a short session in a low-pressure UV tanning bed twice a week. This will also give you a constant good level of vitamin D. Here is some good advice for absolutely risk free UV-tanning for vitamin D that will  also give you more melanin.

For more UV-tanning tips, see this page: /uv-tanning-tips/

Here is the most popular video on YouTube showing manual sunless spray tan …

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