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The directory of tanning salons in San Diego, California, shows tanning salons offering either UV tanning in sunbeds or spray tanning (or both). Therefore you better call and make the appointment in order to be sure to get the service you want.

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AZ Heat Tanning


AZ Heat

Tanning salons in San Diego - AZ Heat Tanning Salon ReceptionAZ Heat Tanning is San Diego’s hottest tanning salon! Located in the heartbeat of the city in fabulous Hillcrest, we are just moments from nearly everywhere – including Downtown, Banker’s Hill, Mission Valley, Old Town, North Park, University Heights, Mission Hills, and many more districts throughout San Diego!

Our salon is located in the Uptown District shopping center at 1040 University Ave in the center of Hillcrest. We are on the second floor in Suite B-213 directly above Pickup Stix Asian diner.

We utilize only the finest in tanning equipment and technology including Ergoline tanning beds, Beauty Angel red light therapy beds, and the Hydration Station moisture therapy bed. With 5 different levels of tanning and skin care, we cater from the beginning to most seasoned tanner.

Tanning Salons sin San Diego - Devoted CreationsAZ Heat Tanning is a tanning experience unlike any other – this is evident from the moment you walk in:
• Industrial/Modern Decor
• POWERFUL sound systems to immerse yourself in your music
• Brand New Ergoline, Beauty Angel, and Hydration Station lay down and stand-up beds
• Devoted Creations and Beauty Angel tanning lotions and skin care products
• No start-up fees or contracts
• Friendly, knowledgeable staff

One more thing to note: AZ Heat Tanning is “family” owned and operated – GLBT Family, that is. We are PROUD to be serving our family in San Diego and we welcome everyone into our salon, without prejudice of any kind.

The AZ Heat Salon


Airbrush Spray Tanning – Spray Di Sole

Spray Di Sole - Organic Airbrush Spray TanAZ Heat Tanning is proud to be the first salon to offer Spray Di Sole airbrush tans in San Diego!

Formulated to dry fast, leave no sticky residue, have no odor, and give great natural color (no more oompa loompa orange!), Spray Di Sole has been sought after by numerous celebrity clientele in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for its great results.

Spray Di Sole is airbrushed on by hand instead of sprayed on by a booth, which can leave uneven results. The best part? Because we aren’t limited by a spray booth, we can take Spray Di Sole anywhere – your work, home, party, or other function.


Ergoline Open Sun 1050

Level 5 – High Pressure

The ultimate tanning experience awaits the most seasoned tanners in the Open Sun 1050, a pure high pressure sunbed with power, comfort and impressive looks. The Open Sun 1050 keeps your body covered while tanning but your head remains in the open air and includes a full set of features that assures a tanning experience without comparison.

The Open Sun 1050 is high-pressure technology at its finest, making a bold statement with 3 high-pressure facial units and 27 high-pressure body units aligned in five panels along the canopy and base perfectly aligned to achieve maximum and even exposure. With Ergoline’s superior expertise in high pressure technology, this sunbed will ensure that all its immense power is translated into UV tanning instead of unwanted heat and bright light. Comfort features like the multi relax acrylic form bed, a full stereo sound system with external MP3 player connection, and the powerful fan cooling plus system makes your tanning session fly by.

The Open Sun 1050’s massive power and features will appeal to everyone wanting to take their tan to the premier level – achieving incredible color and results.

At AZ Heat Tanning, we have two high-pressure units to ensure that you are never waiting to get in, get tan, and get on with your life. Stop by and see what all the hype over high pressure is about!

Level 5 Features

  • 27 State-Of-The-Art Ergoline high-pressure bulbs.
  • 3 Ultra-Performance high-pressure facial tanning bulbs.
  • Separate facial and body cooling systems.
  • Ergonomically designed to give you unrestricted freedom and an absolutely relaxed body position.
  • Open tanning experience – leave behind the ‘closed in’ feeling of traditional beds.
  • 12-Minute Max Tanning Session
Level 4 - Ergoline Advantage 400 Tanning Bed

Level 4

The Ergoline Advantage 400 ensures the highest tanning results via advanced UV geometry with a perfect combination of 3 VIT Max high-pressure facials, 40 turbo power tanning lamps and a reflex neck tanner. In addition, it features a relaxing Bodyform Plus base acrylic with an integrated headrest. Its Comfort Cooling ventilation, with cool air coming from facial and body zone outlets, is infinitely variable and keeps you feeling fresh during your tanning session, which can extend up to 15 minutes.

The Ergoline Sunrise is AZ Heat Tanning’s only stand-up tanning bed and features turbo power, 2-meter tall tanning lamps that provide a deep all-over tan that is achieved in a quick tanning session. The powerful ventilation will keep you cool while you enjoy the power of the 3D sound system and incredibly short, 9-minute exposure time.

Level 4 Features

  • 15 minute (lay-down) / 9 minute (stand up) max tanning session
  • 40 turbo power tanning bulbs
  • Bodyform Plus base (Advantage 400 lay-down)
  • Separate facial and body cooling systems
  • 3D Surround Stereo System with MP3 player connection
Level 3 - Ergoline Ambition 300 Tanning Bed

Level 3

The strength of the Ambition 300 is apparent by its use of 40 Genesis technology Turbo and Super Power lamps, high-pressure facial tanners and extended tanning surface. The large ventilation fan is quiet, yet it sends a refreshing stream of cool air to produce a pleasant tanning environment – keeping you at the perfect temperature. Continuing the Ambition 300’s comfort is its perfectly shaped acrylic bed. The Body Curve acrylic’s extended tanning surface positions you for an even distribution of UV light.

Level 3 Features

  • 20 minute max tanning session
  • 40 Turbo Power Genesis UV lamps
  • 3 VIT Max high-pressure facial tanners
  • Surround stereo system with MP3 connection
Ergoline Sundash

Level 2

Our most basic UV Tanning bed, the Ergoline Sundash, is designed to give entry-level and seasoned tanners alike a relaxing experience while building up a solid base tan. The powerful Genesis tanning lamps bath your entire body while you relax on the ergonomically-designed acrylic surface. Plug in your MP3 player or select one of our many available programming channels and enjoy the full stereo listening experience as the moments quickly pass by. The Sundash is a high-quality tanning experience that is sure to get the results you want.

Level 2 Features

  • 32 Genesis high-power tanning bulbs
  • 1 VIT Max high-Pessure facial tanner
  • 20 minute max tanning session
  • Full Stereo System with MP3 Connection

Beauty Angel Red Light TherapyAZ Heat Hydration Station

Level 1 – Skin Care

At AZ Heat Tanning, our Level 1 package consists of our Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy bed and our Hydration Station spa – a coupling of modern technology designed to bring out your full beauty and maximize your tanning potential.

The red light therapy Beauty Angel is designed to enhance one’s overall physique and image by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite. Red light energy is one of the few ways to gently and effectively reduce the signs of aging and is the ideal choice for anybody who is looking for a natural, noninvasive way to improve the condition of their skin.

The Hydration Station bathes your body in heat, steam, and specially formulated skin care potions that penetrate, moisturize, and rejuvenate. The culmination of these therapies is beautiful, moisture-enriched skin that is soft, supple, and ready to face the challenges that each day brings.

Stop by AZ Heat Tanning today to experience the ultimate in skin therapy.

Red Light Therapy

Level 1 - Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy BedThe brand new Beauty Angel skin firming and muscle toning system provides the foundation for a more youthful appearance while you enjoy the ultimate total body experience!

Beauty Angel Red Light TherapyErgoline’s new Beauty Angel stand up bed is designed to enhance one’s overall physique and image by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cellulite.  Using red light energy (non-UV) wavelengths in the 600–700 nm range, Beauty Angel activates the body’s own photo rejuvenation process to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm the skin and improve the body’s overall appearance. The skin’s permeability also increases, improving the effect of skin care products and allowing active ingredients to penetrate deeper.

The Beauty Angel is also coupled with luxurious comfort features including infinitely variable body ventilation, a 3D-Sound system with subwoofer and MP3 player connection so that you can listen to your own mix of music.

Red light energy is one of the few ways to gently and effectively reduce the signs of aging and is the ideal choice for anybody who is looking for a natural, noninvasive way to improve the condition of their skin.

NOTE: The Beauty Angel  is NOT a tanning system and does not expose the skin to UV light. It utilizes thirty (30), full-body red light lamps (non-UV) together with platform-based vibration exercise technology to stimulate the body and provide the foundation for a more youthful appearance.
The Ergoline Beauty Angel’s 3-step system offers a wide range of benefits. A revitalizing 12-minute session three times per week is all you need to begin your Beauty Angel program. Anyone can have firmer skin, toned muscles, increased circulation and a more youthful appearance within 90 days following the 3-step Beauty Angel program from Ergoline!

  • STEP 1: Platform Based, Powered Therapeutic Massage, Muscle Stimulation and Exercise Technology
  • STEP 2: Full Body, Red Light Energy
  • STEP 3: Proprietary Pro-Collagen Skin Care Formulations. Vitamin Enriched and Aloe Infused for Maximum Skin Hydration.


  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves uneven skin appearance
  • Reduces pore size
  • Lessens the effects of damaging environmental influences

What causes skin aging?

Two main factors influence skin aging. The metabolism slows down with age, which results in decreasing amounts of cell energy in the fibroblasts – cells that produce collagen and elastin. The body’s ability to supply fibroblast cells with the nutrients they need also decreases, resulting in lower collagen and elastin production – substances that the body needs for youthful, taut skin.

Skin rejuvenation utilizing specialized light spectraThe Beauty Angel uses red light energy (non-UV) wavelengths in the 600–700 nm range to activate the body’s own Photo Rejuvenation process to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firm the skin and improve the body’s overall appearance. The skin’s permeability also increases, improving the effect of skin care products and allowing active ingredients to penetrate deeper. Red light energy is one of the few ways to gently and effectively reduce the signs of aging and is the ideal choice for anybody who is looking for a natural, noninvasive way to improve the condition of their skin.
Clinically tested and effectiveClinical trials have demonstrated that red light wavelengths in the 600–700 nm range targeted directly onto the skin increase the cells’ potential for skin rejuvenation. Combining this treatment with skin care products developed specifically for red light therapy optimizes the overall benefit. The skin takes on a clearer, more radiant and softer hue at the beginning of the treatment. After a number of treatment sessions, the skin’s tint, clarity and texture improve. Studies have confirmed a reduction in the appearance of fine lines on the skin along with a smoother skin surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect?

How quickly the body responds to the BEAUTY ANGEL progam is directly related to the age and current condition of the skin. While results vary, you can typically expect to see a more even skin tone, smaller pore size,
a reduction in fine lines and a healthier overall appearance as you continue your Beauty Angel regimen. The process of skin rejuvenation continues for a period after completion of the sessions.

How can I reach my goals?

We recommend an initial Beauty Angel program consisting of three 12-minute sessions per week during a 12-week period.

Results can be further enhanced by the regular application of our exclusive Beauty Angel skin care products, which have been specifically formulated for red light therapy. Beauty Angel Focus, Effect and Replenish represent a 3-step system that boosts collagen production while inhibiting cellulite. Made with natural ingredients and exotic botanicals, these cosmetics soothe, condition, rejuvenate and restore the skin’s natural elasticity and glow. For maximum benefit include a balanced diet, body hydration and regular exercise as part of your Beauty Angel routine. Limiting the use of tobacco and alcohol will also enhance the overall process.

How are the results maintained?

Once you have completed your red light therapy, you can preserve the results through a combination of one weekly session along with proper diet, hydration, special skin care products and exercise.

How should I prepare my skin for a red light lamp therapy session?

To ensure the best possible results of the red light treatment, it’s beneficial to cleanse the skin thoroughly beforehand. No other preparation is necessary. The use of special skin care products like the Beauty Angel line, designed specifically for red light therapy, may improve the results experienced.

Is it OK to wear cosmetics during the session?

Please be aware that makeup may reduce or block the effectiveness of the light. The skin’s permeability increases during the session, which improves the effectiveness of skin care products and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeper. For best results we recommend removing all makeup prior to use.

Do I need to wear protective glasses?

The lamps in the Beauty Angel emit light primarily in the 600–700 nanometer range. They do not emit UV light. The light is very bright in nature. Therefore, we recommend the use of protective eyewear. No one should stare directly at the lamps or conduct any strenuous activities such as reading, etc. while exposed to this light.

Is the red light used in Photo Rejuvenation Therapy comparable to sunlight?

No. The lamps used in the Beauty Angel do not emit UVA or UVB. The light frequency is primarily in the 600–700 nanometer range.

What distinguishes red light therapy from other types of treatment?

Unlike other skin rejuvenation therapies such as laser and IPL, Photo Rejuvenation Therapy works without high temperatures on the skin or damaging tissues or cells. The red light emitted is not hot and is suitable for all skin types and age groups.

  • No known contraindications
  • No regeneration time
  • Simple, natural treatment
How does the Beauty Angel differ from LED treatments?

LED treatments are much more expensive and usually only treat the face. The Beauty Angel covers the entire body and achieves a much more intense effect, giving you more “bang for your buck.“

Do certain medications affect the results?

If you are taking medication or suffer from a skin disorder, please be aware that certain medicines may be photosensitive. That is, they may cause an adverse reaction when the body is exposed to light. If you still have concerns, you should always consult your physician prior to using the Beauty Angel.

Is the treatment suitable for anyone?

Photo Rejuvenation Therapy using red light lamps is suitable for all skin types. However, the following people should not use the Beauty Angel: pregnant women, epileptics, people with illnesses that are sensitive to light, people using medication or herbal remedies that may result in light sensitivity such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, Saint-John’s-wort, etc. Platform Body Vibration training should be omitted after acute surgery or if you are suffering from cardiac issues, hip and bone diseases, are pregnant, have received bone implants or are suffering from an acute illness or infl ammation. If you are in doubt about whether they should use the Beauty Angel, Photo Bio Stimulation or Platform Body Vibration, you should seek professional medical advice prior to use.


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